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Not all shingles are the same!

Malarkey shingles are simply built better.  

Roofing Made Easy has proudly partnered with Malarkey roofing products for many years now.  It was an easy decision when choosing the best product for our customers at the most affordable price.  Thousands of homes in Indiana have high quality, durable roofs over their heads thanks to the lasting partnership we have developed.  Enjoy peace of mind with superior performance and industry leading Manufacturer & Install warranties that will protect your roof and home for decades to come!

Rubberized Asphalt

Malarkey Shingles are made from a durable yet flex-able rubberized polymer.  This helps the shingle to absorb heavy impacts and resist granule loss which outperforms the competition every time.

3M™ Copper-coated granules

Unsightly algae growth can begin infesting some competitor’s shingles as early as 3 years after installation.  Malarkey’s use of 3M™ Copper coated granules reduce the risk of Algae growth caused by dew, humidity and sunlight exposure.


Malarkey Roofing Products and Roofing Made Easy are committed to a cleaner environment.  Green Circle certified®, our shingles were invented using upcycled rubber & plastics.  Malarkey has partnered with 3M, pioneering the use of Smog reducing granules and reducing waste in landfills.  This is the equivalent of Malarkey ‘planting’ approximately 1.1 Million Trees to date!

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