Does My Homeowner's Insurance Cover My Roof?

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Roof?

A big question that often comes up when people shop for homeowner’s insurance is whether or not their roof is covered. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, the type of policy you have and the age of your roof. Whatever the case, a homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover every roof, so you need to make sure that your roof meets your insurance policy’s requirements before making any claims.

What is homeowner’s insurance?

A homeowner’s insurance policy is a type of property insurance that protects your home, belongings, and personal liability. Homeowner’s insurance policies are sold to homeowners who own their homes, as well as to renters. Sometimes it’s referred to as home insurance. 

A homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged property if it is damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism. It also covers the costs associated with accidents on your property and, in some cases, offers coverage for medical expenses for anyone injured at your home.

So, homeowner’s insurance is vital for protecting your home and the belongings in it from the costs of repairs or replacement. Even more importantly, a homeowner’s insurance policy is important for protecting you from liability.

Questions to ask a roofing contractor
Here are relevant questions you should ask your roofing contractor before signing any contracts.

When does my homeowner’s insurance kick in?

A Homeowner’s Insurance Policy will only pay out when certain criteria are met. There must be physical damage (or loss) caused by an event that has been defined as covered under the policy.

Homeowner’s Insurance typically covers damage caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms, hail storms, and other natural disasters, as well as theft. It also includes coverage for personal liability in case someone is injured on your property or fires you cause damages to a neighbor’s home.

However, it does not include coverage for floods or earthquakes unless you purchase additional insurance specifically covering these types of events.

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover the roof?

It’s important to understand what your policy covers. Homeowners’ insurance provides financial protection against damage or loss due to natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and other issues. Once you find the specifics of your policy you can ask ‘will my homeowner’s insurance cover my roof?’

  • It depends on your homeowner’s insurance policy and the age of your roof. Most policies do not cover roofs more than 20 years old. If your roof is older than this, it may not be covered by your home insurance.
  • Additionally, some home insurance policies do not cover damages caused by wind or hail storms. So, if your roof is damaged in a storm and is not covered by your policy, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.

Does a homeowner’s insurance cover roof replacement?

Roof replacement is often necessary after severe weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and hailstorms. However, sometimes it may be necessary to replace your roof because of older age or wear-and-tear over time. When this happens, will a homeowner’s insurance policy cover the replacement costs?

You would have to check with your insurance policy. It can be difficult to know what your plan is and what benefits you really have. You can read your own insurance policy, call your insurance directly to ask questions or work with a roofing company to help you navigate more easily. 

Depending on the type of policy you have and whether or not there was physical damage caused by an event that has been defined as covered under your policy. If these criteria are met, then yes. Most homeowner’s policies do cover roof replacements in Indianapolis.

Prevent roofing problems

One way to help ensure that you’ve got your roof covered in the event of a storm, or other natural disaster, is to take preventative measures. Make sure you keep your roof in good condition by repairing any broken shingles or tiles and cleaning out the gutters regularly.

If you take these precautions, it will be less likely that your roof will suffer damage during a storm, and you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Call our team for roof replacement or roof repair

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